Month: November 2020

Top Health News — ScienceDaily

Study Revealing the Secret Behind a Key Cellular Process Refutes Biology Textbooks

New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now — precisely how the copying of genetic material that, once …

Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Protect Species

Demystifying traditional Chinese medicine for conservationists could be the key to better protecting endangered species like pangolins, tigers and rhino, according to researchers. Efforts to shift …

World’s Largest Inventory of Known Plant Species

Researchers have

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Survey finds higher prevalence of depression among students and difficulties accessing mental health care during pandemic

Sixty percent of college students say the pandemic has made it harder to access mental health care, even as financial stresses and prevalence of depression increased among them, according to a new survey on the impact of COVID-19 on student well-being.

The survey by the Healthy Minds Network for Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health and the American College Health Association garnered results from 18,764 students on 14 campuses. Researchers say much of what they found is more confirmatory than surprising, but having the hard data will help colleges make decisions about providing mental health and well-being services

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STEM Education News — ScienceDaily

Teacher Quality Scores Change Depending on Students, School

School districts across the U.S. are increasingly using student test scores to rate the effectiveness of teachers, but a new study found that the scores have less to do with individual teachers and …

Remote Learning Adds Pressure for Teachers Who Work Second Shift as Mothers

The transition to remote learning coupled with an unequal distribution of second-shift responsibilities has placed teachers who are also mothers under immense stress, according to new …

Does Classroom Indoor Environmental Quality Affect Teaching and Learning?

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Missouri Valley College students fear being on campus

Lauryn Craine-Farries was supposed to be on campus at Missouri Valley College when she recently showed up at her family home near Chicago. She had driven nearly seven hours from the private liberal arts college in Marshall, Mo. and was very upset — “just hysterical,” according to her mother — by the time she arrived.

Craine-Farries said she had been having repeated panic attacks while on campus and that they were prompted by worries about the pandemic and the fear that she might become infected with the coronavirus. Her concerns about growing numbers of sick students at the college and

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Pipeline Analysis of Phase III Medical Therapeutic Devices, 2020 Report: The Potential Game Changers and Growth Enablers


The “Pipeline Analysis of Phase III Medical Therapeutic Devices: The Potential Game Changers and Growth Enablers” report has been added to’s offering.

Therapeutic medical devices play a significant role in the long-term treatment of chronic conditions such as cancer and neurological diseases. Non-invasive therapeutic medical devices capable of offering home-based treatment provide high patient comfort and adherence to the prescribed therapy. With the changing preference of the patients, the medical device industry is experiencing a significantly high demand for non-invasive and home-based therapeutic medical devices.

The growth opportunity-technology (GO-TE) provides an overview of key therapeutic

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