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As Colleges Move Away From the SAT, Will Admissions Algorithms Step In?

This story was co-published with Slate Magazine.

Back before the internet made it possible—and popular—for people to document their lives in real time, teenagers found themselves preserved between the pages of their high school yearbooks—forever young. Enshrining cliques and clubs, acne and braces, these artifacts capture students as they are, in the present.

Yet many yearbooks also make predictions about the future. There’s a tradition of bestowing “superlatives” to members of the senior class who stand out as the “class clown,” “biggest flirt” and “most athletic.” Most of these awards reflect largely innocuous teenage concerns, but one superlative in

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The Technology 202: Tech to contain coronavirus on college campuses sparks fresh privacy concerns

Colleges across the country are scrambling to pandemic-proof their campuses. And everything from contact-tracing apps to facial recognition is on the table. 

The University of Alabama, for instance, is rolling out a suite of apps aimed at monitoring the coronavirus on campus. The school plans to release an app by the end of July that would notify students if they crossed paths with someone who tested positive for coronavirus, using Bluetooth technology. Other schools, such as the University of Arizona, say they are testing similar apps. 

Meanwhile, New York-based Molloy College is planning to place kiosks in the lobbies of

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Latest News: Where Technology, Public Health and Government Meet

Where Technology, Public Health and Government Meet

Alana Lerer ’11 works in Washington, D.C., to help shape the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


A.C. Shilton

 Thursday, April 30, 2020 02:32 PM

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Alana Lerer ’11, government relations manager at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

Like many people working in public health, Alana Lerer ’11 had long worried about the lack of funding in her field. In fact, in 2019, as part of her position as government relations manager at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Lerer tried to

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Top 15 Future Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated)

Technology Trends That Can Impact Your Business

Let us start with 3 (recurring) questions-

Q1) Are you aligned with a frantic adoption rate of new digital technologies?

Q2) Does your business have a strong foundation for SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) to incorporate the latest tech trends that’ll drive the post-digital wave?

Q3) Do you have a digitally mature workforce to offer customized products and services that adapt to the constantly changing realities?

These are the 3 critical questions you need to ask yourself as an entrepreneur before assimilating the upcoming technologies of 2020. 

According to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, the global

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Amid coronavirus, many community college students withdraw

Stevie Carpenter dropped out of high school, earned his GED, enrolled at L.A. City College and at age 25 has been accepted to attend UC Davis this fall, where he plans to study neurobiology.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown another major challenge at him: online classes. Carpenter couldn’t keep up with general chemistry, a requirement for his major.

“I couldn’t take chemistry without a teacher…. It’s difficult to just read a book and go off the examples,” he said.

Instead, he received an “excused” withdrawal, jeopardizing his admission to UC Davis and threatening his plans to become the first

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