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Colleges’ dilemma: Fight outbreaks or send sick kids home

“I don’t think there are two universities that have the same protocol,” said Irwin Redlener, director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative at Columbia University. “It’s national chaos.”

The stakes are huge, affecting not just the higher education system but possibly the course of the pandemic if enough schools opt to close and send thousands of asymptomatic youths back to their hometowns and families.

“I think school transmission is going to be driving hot spots for the next couple of months in a lot of places,” said James Lawler, a global health expert at the University of Nebraska Medical

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‘Soaring alcohol misuse’ could overwhelm service

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Addiction services in England could struggle to cope with “soaring” numbers of people misusing alcohol, the Royal College of Psychiatrists is warning.

Many adults are drinking more since the coronavirus pandemic began, data shows.

The college estimates that in June, more than 8.4m people in England were drinking at higher-risk levels, up from 4.8m in February.

It says deep cuts made to addiction services could mean patients will miss out on life-saving care.

The rise in risky drinking comes at a time when more people addicted

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City nightlife and substance addiction: myths and reality

Since drug addiction has affected the society for a long time, people tend to talk about this topic. But,
due to a lack of proper knowledge and experience, they spread rumors and myths, which is a grave

Myths are dangerous not only because they spread fast but mostly because people believe fake facts over truth. This situation leads to unusual practices and actions which directly affect the person addicted. 

With increasing medical achievements, drug addiction, and recovery, doctors have found ways to decrease the myths among people. Suboxone clinics in the country have been making people aware … Read More

Public health officials fear college students will spread coronavirus

Few college students are landing in the hospital from the coronavirus but they remain the crosshairs of public officials who fear their parties and lax adherence to quarantine rules are bound to fuel community spread off-campus, hurting the vulnerable.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made national headlines when it became the first major college to revert to online learning after attempting to reopen, citing clusters of cases. However, since the pandemic began the college is aware of only two students who were tested at Campus Health and then treated at a hospital and released.

“Both were noncritical.

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Frequent COVID Tests Key to College Reopening: Experts | Health News

By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter


WEDNESDAY, Aug. 12, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Regular testing to catch “silent” COVID-19 spread among students will be key to safely reopening colleges this fall, campus infection control experts say.

Extensive modeling suggests that testing college students for COVID every two to three days using a low-cost, less accurate test would be the best strategy for campuses to safely reopen this fall, according to research led by David Paltiel, a professor of health policy at the Yale School of Public Health.

“What really is concerning me are the many schools out there that are

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