Nation’s Newest Physicians Embark on Next Phase of Their Medical Journey

May 4, 2020 – I will be an advocate for patients in need and strive for justice in the care of the sick.” No other time in recent history do the words resonating from the Hippocratic Oath convey the importance of the vow that all physicians solemnly swear to hold and value throughout their careers. Today, 63 members of the class of 2020 at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine made that vow virtually, in unison, as they were conferred the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. Family, friends, faculty, staff and others celebrated the occasion with the graduating class

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Student mental health is being negatively impacted by the added stressors of 2020. College students face an ever-changing educational landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to COVID’s impact on a variety of factors involved in their education, students are more stressed, anxious, and depressed. This is a life stage that is supposed to be focused on learning and growing as an adult, but the unique challenges of this time mean students aren’t able to access those ideal experiences the way they used to. 

What New Challenges Are Students Facing?


The fear of COVID-19 stretches over every college and

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Davenport University names dean of business, technology colleges

Amy Mansfield Courtesy Davenport University

Davenport University announced Dr. Amy Mansfield as the dean of the Donald W. Maine College of Business and the College of Technology.

She will be responsible for leading the university’s business and technology programs, including degrees such as accounting, marketing, computer science and cyber defense.

“Dr. Mansfield is a proven leader in higher education,” said Dr. Richard J. Pappas, president of Davenport University. “She’ll be instrumental in helping Davenport University grow and develop our business and technology programs to meet the needs of our future economy while also helping our students earn successful careers.”


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Owning their pasts, students look to a future in homelessness services

Lying in bed at night, Earl Williams wondered what his future would be. From his top bunk, No. 133A, in the men’s shelter on 38th Street in South Los Angeles, he stared up at the white rafters.

With the world out of sight, anything seemed possible — until his fears kicked in.

He prayed. He thought of his new friends. He repeated words of encouragement that had come his way, but they were sometimes hard to believe.

The men around him snored, they moaned, they whispered among themselves. Beds creaked, and the smells of weed, even meth, reached him like

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2020 Fitness Trends

Fitness fads come and go, sometimes as quickly as the latest fashion or pop music. You may recall when fitness-based video games or vibrating dumbbells motivated people to get off their couches and into a workout. Now in 2020, a new crop of fitness fads is thriving – like goat yoga, with baby goats frolicking about while you shift into poses.

(Getty Images)

But fitness fads don’t last long, which can threaten your commitment to exercising. “The biggest problem with exercise is staying with it. If you get bored with a fad or it disappears, you might become noncompliant,”

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