Hospital police have the power of officers but little oversight

There is a new kind of police force emerging in America. At first glance it is familiar: Officers carry guns, can make arrests and generally cannot be prosecuted for on-duty actions.

But unlike typical police forces, these departments operate largely in secrecy. They don’t have to tell the public much about their operations, and there is no public board looking over their shoulder.

Where do you find this new kind of police department? At local hospitals in a growing number of states. 

As concerns simmer over the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of law enforcement, hospital

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Public colleges face looming financial blow from state budget cuts

Financial pain from the coronavirus pandemic is hitting the nation’s colleges and universities hard, and Northwest Missouri State University is no exception.

John Jasinski, president of the four-year institution, which enrolls more than 7,000 students and is located 100 miles north of Kansas City, Mo., has been dealing with serious challenges the crisis brought to the university’s budget.

Jasinski said he’s put off spending money where he can, on professional development, upgrading educational software and other areas, as the crisis brings unexpected costs such as the more than $4 million the public university is spending to refund students’ room and

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Hospital boss praised by Matt Hancock told to end ‘toxic management culture’ | UK news

A hospital boss championed by Matt Hancock has been told to end “a toxic management culture” after doctors were asked to provide fingerprint samples to identify a whistleblower.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) has urged the chief executive of West Suffolk hospital, Steve Dunn, who Hancock described as an “outstanding leader”, to take urgent action to improve the wellbeing of senior clinicians and “thereby the safety of patients”.

In a strongly worded letter sent to Dunn in July, seen by the Guardian, the RCoA president, Prof Ravi Mahajan, reminded him that “undermining and bullying behaviour is unacceptable”.

Following a

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Online proctoring is surging during COVID-19

Online proctoring has surged during the coronavirus pandemic, and so too have concerns about the practice, in which students take exams under the watchful eyes (human or automated) of third-party programs.

Chief among faculty and student concerns are student privacy and increasing test anxiety via a sense of being surveilled. Pedagogically, some experts also argue that the whole premise of asking students to recall information under pressure without access to their course materials is flawed. This, they say, may only motivate students to game the system, when cheating is what online proctoring services seek to prevent.

Of course, concerns about

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Majority of college students are worried about money due to Covid-19

With millions of Americans unemployed, rising college seniors face the worst job market in modern history while racking up more student debt than ever before.

Two-thirds of college students — roughly 13.3 million undergraduates — said the coronavirus crisis has changed how they feel about their financial future, according to WalletHub’s recent 2020 College Student Financial survey.

“Students aren’t getting the same bang for their — or their parents’ — buck on tuition right now, and nearly 7 in 10 students believe the pandemic will make it harder for them to get a job,” said Jill Gonzalez, an

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