How The Pandemic Is Harming College Students’ Mental Health

Back in November, when life felt pretty normal, college students participated in a speaker series called “This Is My Brave” on campuses across the Boston area, sharing their mental health challenges.

Twenty-five-year-old Ali Gold from Medfield told an audience at Tufts University how as a teenager she struggled with anxiety, obsessive compulsive, eating and bi-polar disorders. After high school, Ali said she felt so lost, overwhelmed and unfulfilled that she began cutting herself. Then one night six years ago, she overdosed on prescription pills.

“I wrote a suicide note to comfort and apologize to my family and friends,” she said,

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Changes to Approvals & Regulations of Medical Devices due to COVID-19

DUBLIN, July 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — published a new article on the medical devices industry “Medical Devices and COVID-19 – Changes to the Approval Process”

Medical device manufacturers have concentrated their resources on devices to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. There has also been less demand for other medical devices due to a lower number of non COVID-19 related procedures being carried out. As a result some manufacturers have seen lower demand for their other medical devices and have temporarily closed production facilities and furloughed staff. Analysts expect that the impact of COVID-19 on the medical device industry could

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The Technology 202: Tech to contain coronavirus on college campuses sparks fresh privacy concerns

Colleges across the country are scrambling to pandemic-proof their campuses. And everything from contact-tracing apps to facial recognition is on the table. 

The University of Alabama, for instance, is rolling out a suite of apps aimed at monitoring the coronavirus on campus. The school plans to release an app by the end of July that would notify students if they crossed paths with someone who tested positive for coronavirus, using Bluetooth technology. Other schools, such as the University of Arizona, say they are testing similar apps. 

Meanwhile, New York-based Molloy College is planning to place kiosks in the lobbies of

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Former Bates College lacrosse player leaves hospital after COVID-19 battle

Jack Allard, a 25-year-old former Bates College lacrosse player, has left the hospital in Philadelphia where he battled COVID-19 over the past several weeks.

“Today, we are excited to share that Jack Allard has returned to his family and home,” Bates Men’s Lacrosse wrote on Twitter Friday. “Thank you, again, to those who supported Jack, his family, his teammates & loved ones these last few weeks. We are forever grateful.”

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American College Health Association (ACHA)

Guidelines on Reopening Campuses Available

View the ACHA Guidelines: 
Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era [pdf]  (posted May 7, 2020).

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